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I (Jaelah) have always loved baths - and good scents!! (Double tap if you agree!)

For awhile, I had been noticing bath bombs at boutiques, markets, etc. and was amazed at how expensive they were! One bath bomb was $7 - $12.

Of course, I was astounded! I love a good bath, but that seems expensive! 🙈

I was curious: how much do these actually cost to make - or are they just making good money off us? I mean, it's awesome if people are willing to buy that from them; it just seems expensive!

I DID buy a couple to see what they were like. They all smelled good (although generally a bit fake), but a couple of them definitely promised that they would soften my skin. But it didn't actually happen. I was disappointed in that, but they smelled good.

Soon, though, I said, "I can't spend money like this for a smell!"

So I asked myself, "How much do these actually cost to make? Are they hard to make?"

If they're hard to make and cost quite a bit, then that's the price you have to sell them for, and that's how much customers have to buy them for! That's how business works.

So I started researching. I found an awesome recipe that is natural and organic - and used ingredients that we had around the house already!

It didn't take long at all - I was so excited! I made them for ourselves for a long time & it was awesome!

They didn't cost much, either. Obviously, I can't share exacts, but if you want to make your own, do your own research.

OR BUY FROM US!! We don't sell them for near as much as anyone else!

My point: one of our specialties is that our prices won't break you bank, which works for you & us!

Out bath bombs and crumbles are skin-softening (coconut oil), they smell REALLY good (essential oils), and they have a fun fizz (baking soda & citric acid)

So go get yours here at

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