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This time of year means a lot of sun exposure, which is absolutely wonderful (contrary to popular belief) as long as your skin is healthy.

+ taking C O D L I V E R O I L regularly (I take capsules, some in my family take a liquid) is one of the most important things in helping prevent peeling from sunburns because our skin is made to handle great lengths of exposure to the sun - with health FROM THE INSIDE!

+ equally as important is pasture-raised R A W M I L K. It contains many proteins, a variety of probiotics, omega-3, calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, and vitamins a, b, c, d, & e - which means that it is a superfood of a whole 'nother sort. Drinking it every day (or even just occasionally to begin with) will transform your skin like you won't believe: less wrinkles, less acne, smoother, more glowing. And it is the perfect thing to rub on a sunburn to immediately cool, relieve, and moisten skin!

+ L I P B A L M is the product I would recommend if you wanted only 1 thing! Because your lips is the only part of the body that doesn't sweat, it cannot moisturize itself naturally like your skin and hair can do (if properly healthy from the inside). Summer means hot days, and hot days means sweating, and sweating means your lips can quickly become dry. So carry around your perfectly-sized lip balm for hydration any time you need it!

+ M O I S T U R I Z E R made from all-natural, organic ingredients is a treasure when it comes to skincare. Applying it at morning for a fresh glow, at night to help your skin regenerate overnight, or at anytime during the day will help you stay glowing all summer long!

+ T O N E R : this is something a lot of people skip, but is my favorite part. It's so refreshing, closes pores, is an "acne-be-gone", and helps prevent sweat pimples from occurring. This is another must-have when it comes to summer skincare!

+ a H O N E Y M A S K is something you can easily do at home. Just rub honey on your face whenever your skin is feeling dry, you have pimples, or you need a softening glow. Leave sitting on face for 15 - 20 minutes, then wash off, and gently pat your skin dry. If you then feel your skin with your fingertips, you will feel it is noticeably softer.

+ C O CO N U T O I L before you go out into the sun will act as a natural sunscreen to help lessen the UV rays coming through if your skin isn't perfectly healthy (if it is, UV rays are not a concern). It will keep your skin moisturized deeply, so that your worry of peeling will not be quite as imminent. Coconut oil also makes you become tanner more quickly, because it is shiny, so the sun is attracted just as it is with water. Just rinse off the excess oil and sweat when you come back inside so that you don't clog pores and cause small acnes breakouts.

+ I C I N G your skin is helpful with any inflammation on the skin's surface, helping to reduce the swelling and redness that follows especially with acne, as icing in itself is anti-bacterial. It also reduces healing time as well as prevents future breakouts of acne. It also feels amazing in the summer-y heat!

We hope this information was helpful to you!

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