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Why Coconut Oil is Good For Skin


Coconut oil is a staple in many different styles of living. It has become somewhat of a fad food, which I'm not complaining about! Coconut oil tastes good, makes you feel good, and makes you look good. So . . . It's no wonder everyone is hopping on the coconut-oil-train!

However, because it has become so popular, companies can produce cheap, hydrogenated oil that would not only not help, it also harms! You can find containers of "coconut oil" almost anywhere -- including Dollar Tree(I love dollar stores for several reasons, but bath/hygiene/beauty products will never one of them)!

Here are the reasons why it's important that we get coconut oil from actual coconuts:

1. MOISTURIZES: coconut oil is an "oily" oil, so if you suffer from dry skin, eczema, or want a healthy alternative for lotion, coconut oil is extremely helpful! *if you're prone to oily skin, use coconut oil without leaving it on. Okay, what I mean by that is this: use it as a mask instead of a lotion, where you massage your skin with coconut oil for several minutes and then rinse your skin to get the access oil off it.

2. PROTECTS: Coconut oil provides a protective barrier between your skin and environmental toxins, dirt, and other nasty things you're faced with throughout the day.

3. SMOOTHS: In related to be moisturizing, coconut oil when use frequently creates smoother skin by being so moisturized!

4. ABSORBENT: Coconut oil smooths into skin easily and swiftly, providing instant hydration and protection.

5. SOOTHES: If you're prone to irritations or sensitivity, coconut oil can help to alleviate any discomfort and providing soothing relief.

6. HIGHLIGHTS: Gently massaging a bit of coconut oil along your bone structure will help highlight those places on the planes of your face.

And this does not even begin to cover the benefits of coconut oil for your brain, organs, relaxation, memory, and much more!

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