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Why to Soak Animal Feed to save money & have healthier chickens

  1. SAVE MONEY for you: there are two ways this happens. The first is that when feed is soaked overnight, it puffs up therefore you need less feed to start out with to fill your bucket. The second is that the feed becomes denser when soaked and the chickens won't eat as much because they get filled up faster.

2. EASIER DIGESTION for the chickens: The anti-nutrients Lectin & Phytate in grains are broken down during the process of fermenting aka. soaking. This means that there is nothing in the feed then that will be hard for the chickens to digest. Chickens also have a more acidic upper digestive tract which is protective against pathogens like E. coli, Salmonella, and Campylobacter.

3. MORE PROBIOTICS for the chickens: Soaking chicken feed overnight allows probiotics to begin to accumulate and flourish, which is obviously healthier for everyone involved.

4. TESTS THE FEED so you know it is healthy: People who soak their chicken feed have found that tainted feed that stopped their chickens from laying did not absorb water, unlike freshly milled feed and untainted pellets.

6. MORE NUTRITIOUS eggs for you: Research shows that laying hens fed fermented feed provided them with more digestible nutrition which equals better eggs for you. In a study of nearly 500 pullets, those that were fed fermented feed gained more weight and laid heavier eggs with harder shells, which indicates they are better quality.


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