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Egg White Gummies {RECIPE}

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

With eating a raw egg yolk almost every day for the amazing benefits of them, I end up with a lot of egg whites that need eaten. Some days I just fry them and occasionally I make egg white puffs. But puffs take a long time and don't always turn out amazing.

So I decided to try taking my gummies recipe and adding egg whites - and they:

  1. Tasted amazing

  2. Didn't take long at all

  3. The egg whites are cooked so we can digest the protein

  4. Pretty fool-proof compared to the puffs

You might be thinking, "If raw egg yolks are so healthy, why aren't egg whites too?"

Egg whites - no matter how healthy the source - are hard for everyone to digest because raw egg white contains avidin and typsin inhibitors. Avidin blocks the digestion of biotin, one of the B vitamins. The typsin inhibitors make digestion of the protein in the egg white more difficult. Both of these anti-nutrients are neutralized by cooking.

So I cook my egg whites!

And now, on to the recipe for any flavor of delicious, quick egg white gummies!


🥚 1 egg white

🐄 2 Tbsp. gelatin powder (use code FRLDISCOUNT for 10% our all-time favorite brand: Perfect Supplements)

💧6 Tbsp. water

🍯 1-2 Tbsp. honey

Optional: collagen powder, dash of salt, fruit juice instead of water, peppermint, orange, lemon, lime, cinnamon, matcha, turmeric, or anything really!

On medium-low heat, stir water and gelatin and let bloom (become dissolved and slightly thickened). Once powder is dissolved completely, add everything except for the egg whites. Make sure all ingredients are completely dissolved before stirring in the egg whites. Make sure to stir constantly so egg whites don't cook in clumps. There may be small spots of cooked egg white, which you won't taste later. Once everything is cooked and dissolved, pour into silicone molds and refrigerate. You can eat and enjoy once the gummies have gelled - usually about 30 minutes.

Hope you enjoy this recipe as much as we do!

Remember to tag us if you make these!

*here is a raw photo of a half melted gummy that was unrefrigerated 24 hours and in the sun 3 of those. They melted slightly, but stayed pretty solid and tasted exactly the same!

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